East Delph Lakes

The Front Lake at just under two acres contains the most carp out of all three lakes.  Around forty original carp to over 25lb are present.  Over the winter of 2014 one hundred and seventy-five stunning three and four year old fish from the UK’s most-highly regarded fish farms were stocked.  Some of these fish doubled in weight during their first summer and the front runners are getting caught at 20lb plus.

Only six anglers are allowed on the lake at any time guaranteeing a generous amount of water to target, with the North Bank being fenced off and out of bounds.  Like the Back Lake, the margins quickly give way to a uniform depth of 7ft.  Two islands and mature overhanging trees offer great features to fish to.

“Fishing the Front Lake this winter might just be like watching the Beatles at the Cavern Club.  Your going to be experiencing something very special ahead of everyone else.”  UK Carp

“These astonishing growth rates have made the Front Lake a very promising venue for the future.  However, the size of the fish is immaterial, as they are truly stunning carp. You will be fishing in tranquil surroundings with absolute privacy” Crafty Carper

“It feels like something exciting is brewing" Angling Times