Fishery Management

James Mackay


All bookings are made through the Secure Booking System.  Anglers must read rules and terms/conditions before booking.

Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone (between 9am and 7pm) if you are having problems with booking online and require some assistance , would like any more information about the fishery or just want to talk tactics and bait.  

To make a booking  click on link below.


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Terms and Conditions

  • No refunds can be provided with less than 42 days’ notice.   Bookings cannot be rescheduled with less than 42 days’ notice.  (Medical emergencies can be reviewed by fishery management).  Angler substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of the fishery management. 
  • Individual and small group bookings (ie not the whole lake) can only be made 6 weeks in advance. Exclusive Lake bookings can be made for any time of the year without restriction.  All bookings are subject to approval by fishery management.
  • All bookings are subject to approval by fishery management.
  • Any angler not meeting requirements described by rules will be refused entry and not be entitled to a refund.  Anglers and guests discovered to be breaking fishery rules will be asked to leave site immediately and will not be entitled to refund. 
  • Tickets start at 1pm.  It’s possible to arrive up to 6pm (or an hour before dusk in winter) but you must agree to forfeit lost hours.  Anglers and visitors should telephone or text fishery management on arrival for access codes on locks.
  • We hope to never have to do so but the fishery management reserves the right to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances, in the event you will be contacted to discuss possible refund or rescheduling requirements.
  • All anglers must be in possession of rods, reels, bite alarms, line and hooks of functional quality in a fit state of repair to land carp safely.  Anglers with inadequate equipment will be refused entry to fishery.  If in any doubt please call fishery management, we are happy to help!

East Delph Lakes Rules 

1. The fishery provides landing nets (including poles), unhooking mats and weigh slings. Under no circumstances bring your own onto the site. Return all borrowed equipment to fishery entrance after use.
2. The car park and otter gate must be closed and locked immediately behind you at all times. Do not let anyone through the car park gate other than yourself and your group.
3. Rods must have a test curve higher than 2lb. Minimum line strength 12lb, although 15lb is recommended.  No braided mainline apart from on spod and marker rods.
4. No artificial baits, this includes plastics, foam, cork and any other non-edible material.  (Artificial baits are permitted on zig rigs. Zig rigs must be over 3ft long)
5. No floating loose feed. Floating hook baits only.
6. Microbarbed hooks only, sizes 4 to 10. No longshank curved hooks. No double hook rigs. 
7. No leadcore or leaders of any description. Use of rig tube preferred but optional.
8. Do not attach leads, feeders or controller floats in a permanent manner, they must detach under moderate pressure. Maximum lead size of 4oz. Rig checks may be undertaken.
9. All fish to be returned into the lake they were caught. Do not retain a carp in a weigh sling for more than 10 minutes. Fish must be held low over a mat/cradle for photographs. Regardless of distance return all fish to the water in a weigh sling.
10. 2 rod limit. No casting over half way regardless of how busy the lake is.
11.No rods left unattended (i.e. no more than 10m away)
12. If your end tackle becomes snagged do not pull for a break, inform fishery management and wait for assistance. Nobody is permitted to use fishery boats at any time.
13. Do not light fires. BBQ’s only with permission from fishery management. 
14. Alcohol in moderation only. Anglers arriving with excessive amounts will be refused entry.
15. Take all litter home (including cigarette butts), report any litter in your swim on arrival.
16. Leave the compost toilet as clean as you found it with all sawdust brushed down the hole.
17. Do not damage marginal plants or trees. Please don’t rest landing net on marginal plants.
18. Any music played should not be audible more than 10m away. Bivvy lighting should be dim as possible and not visible from opposite banks at night.
19. Set up bivvy so wheelbarrow can pass. 2 anglers a bank limit (unless you're friends on social)
20. In the extremely unlikely event of seeing a dead or unwell carp call fishery management immediately.  07473154208 - James
21. Fishing sessions run from 1pm to 1pm with access to lakes and draw for swims at 12.50pm.  Anglers and visitors may not leave or enter the fishery between 6.00pm – 09.00am summer (or dusk– 09.00am winter) unless in an emergency. 
22. Non-angling guests and dogs by prior arrangement with fishery management only.
23. Visitors and anglers must accept they are responsible for their own safety before booking or entering the site and that fisheries can be hazardous by nature, for example slippery banks, and so on. Be aware the margins are 7ft deep in the edge. Neither the fishery owner nor bailiffs shall be held responsible for any loss or damage to, or theft of property how ever caused. Visitors and anglers shall not be entitled to make claims in respect of any such damage, loss, theft or injury. Fishery management reserves the right to ask rule breakers to leave without a refund. 

East Delph Lakes