East Delph Lakes

Also available;

4kg pellet mixes £10

2kg pellet mixes £6

Carp care propolis £5

Please pre-order freezer baits when booking your session, they will be ready for you on arrival.

£5 - Pop ups and dips

£8.99 - 1kg freezer bait

£40 - 5kg freezer bait

One of my main aims as fishery manager has been to encourage the use of baits that provide the carp with a balanced and healthy diet.  Research into the principles of fish nutrition have resulted in the creation of East Delph Baits.  The three boilies in the range were designed in partnership with bait making legend Geoff Bowers from Active Bait Solutions.  Catch results have been outstanding , they can be used with 100% confidence at East Delph Lakes.