East Delph Lakes

“If its idyllic surroundings and stunning carp your after, look no further than the Back Lake at East Delph Lakes.”  Crafty Carper 

The two-acre Back Lake is well stocked with plenty of double figure carp and there is a realistic chance of putting your name on a twenty.  Containing only original carp introduced between 1994 and 1999, the majority of the stock (estimated at 180) are beautiful dark heavily scaled mirrors, along with a good number of heavily built commons and a few ghosties and koi to add variety, none of these characterful fish look the same.

In 2014, under new ownership, the Back Lake was remolded from a match venue into a carp haven full of promise with night fishing allowed for the first time. With the introduction of quality pellets and boilies the carp flourished, rapidly putting on weight.  At the start of Summer 2017 there are at least forty  different carp over the 20lb barrier resident in the Back Lake and with large numbers of 18/19lb present the future looks bright. The lake record currently stands at 30lb 8oz, but five or six fish are very close behind.  Only eight anglers are allowed on the lake at any time so there is always plenty of water for each angler to target. The margins are a staggering 7ft deep, but the lakebed as a whole is pretty uniform with very little in the way of contours.  There is no weed or deep silt but the lead bed is quite ‘choddy’ in places. The four islands are great features to fish to, and, just like the margins, the water around them drops steeply. However, careful plumbing will reveal some shallower spots.